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Manor Hospital (Walsall)

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust is a provider of local general hospital and community services to Walsall and its surrounding areas. Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust was formed on 1st April 2011, following the integration of Walsall Hospitals NHS Trust and NHS Walsall Community Health.

The integration brought together all of Walsall Manor Hospital's services and Walsall's adult and children's community based health services. By bringing these services together the Trust is now able to provide patients with the best possible patient experience - moving them smoothly through the different stages of treatment and care. This is being done through an increasing number of integrated care pathways that support the key needs of acute illness and the full range of long term conditions as well as the needs of an increasing elderly population.

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust is the only provider of NHS acute care in Walsall, with inpatients at the Manor Hospital and out patients in the hospital and community. The hospital site has recently completed a stunning £170 million redevelopment project and is a landmark development, located on Pleck Road, Walsall. It is a spectacular, light, airy, high-tech and ecologically-friendly building and for the first time brings all of the hospital's services under one roof. Around half of the beds in the new building are in single rooms, with the rest in single-sex bays all en suite and operating theatres, other treatment areas and equipment being state-of-the-art. The Trust has won National awards for innovation in technology healthcare.

The Manor is one of only a handful of hospitals regionally to provide specialist care for obese patients including bariatric surgery. We were one of only five trusts in the country to achieve the 18 week referral to treatment target a year early. The work that we have carried out in this area led to us winning an Outstanding Achievement Award in the 2008 West Midlands Health and Social Care Awards. We are proud to have some of the lowest infection rates in the area and in 2008 we won a Safety in Care Award for developing the West Midlands' first Hospital Isolation Unit for C. difficile infection€ The Trust has a newly built Palliative Care Centre which is the base for a wide range of palliative care and end of life services, working closely with St Giles Hospice who provide the beds on site. The Trust provides high quality community based health services at a variety of health centres, GP surgeries and community locations across Walsall and also community based multidisciplinary services, to support people to remain at home, including rapid response and home based care. In partnership with our local authority we provide community support for children with disabilities at home and in community settings and universal children's health services, providing support to the families in Walsall through health visiting and school nursing, helping give young people in Walsall the best start in life. The Trust's extensive Lifestyle Management service provides smoking cessation, drug and alcohol support, a Physical Activity team and a Health Training service, that works in all areas of the Trust to ensure that lifestyle management features in primary and secondary care.

* this profile text was provided by Walsall Hospitals NHS Trust

Category: NHS Hospitals
Hospital Address: Moat Road, Walsall, England
Postal Code :WS2 9PS
Phone Number :01922 721172

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