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Stepping Hill Hospital

One of the first wave NHS Foundation Trusts, Stockport provides acute hospital care for children and adults from predominantly Stockport and the High Peak area of Derbyshire. In 2011, the Trust also assumed responsibility for the management of community services in Tameside and Glossop and is presently pursuing the acquisition of community services in Stockport.

The Trust has used the freedoms of Foundation Trust status to greatly improve its estate and in 2011 has completed schemes to centralise Radiology, provide a Fracture Neck of Femur Unit and extend our High Dependency Unit.

* this profile text was provided by Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

Category: NHS Hospitals
Hospital Address: Poplar Grove, Stockport, England
Postal Code :SK2 7JE
Phone Number :0161 483 1010

BMI The Alexandra Hospital

BMI The Alexandra Hospital is one of the largest private hospitals in the UK with 170 beds, 13 of which are critical care. Of the seven major operating theatres, three have laminar flow - a special clean air system that helps to reduce the risk of infection during surgery. The hospital has a wide range of diagnostic services including a 64 slice CT scanner and MRI scanners. These are better than conventional x-rays at imaging soft tissue in the body. Mammography, cardiac catheterisation, bone densitometry, ultrasound and x-ray are all also available.

Physiotherapy services include an on site gymnasium, hydrotherapy and specialist sports injury treatment. Surgical services for both breast cancer and bowel cancer are available from BUPA approved units. Chemotherapy is also provided and for patients with terminal illness, palliative care is available. Heart bypass surgery is offered as well as exercise ECG, coronary angioplasty and cardiac rehabilitation. The hospital always has a minimum of three members of staff with Advanced Life Support Training on duty at any one time.

Category: Private Hospital
Hospital Address: Mill Lane, Cheadle, Stockport, England
Postal Code :SK8 2PX
Phone Number :0161 428 3656

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