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Queen Mary's Hospital

QMS is a local district general hospital providing excellent health care to the people of Bexley and neighbouring boroughs. 60% of Bexley's residents rely on Queen Mary's hospital for acute medical services. Our natural catchment population is 300,000, extending to the boroughs of Greenwich, Bromley and Dartford.

QMS is an integral part of Bexley and we aim to be a patient focused hospital for local people with a 24 hour A&E service where you can be treated for major illnesses, have planned surgery, maternity care and children's services. We have a modern day surgery unit, a rehabilitation unit and provide opthalmology services for the people of North Kent and Outer South East London. We offer GPs access to our diagnostic services in order to promote a sense of caring for patient in partnership. This model of care includes sending some of our consultants out to GP surgeries to run clinics and providing services at Erith hospital so that patients do not have to travel into hospital. We've also worked together with specialist hospitals such as King's College and Guy's and St Thomas' to provide neurology and a cardiac catheterisation service here at Queen Mary's enab ling patients to access specialist care without travel into central London.

We're investing in more nurses, specialist nurses and matrons in order to continuously improve the care we offer to patients. We have improved our cleanliness - winning awards with our new cleaning contractors and dramatically reduced hospital acquired infections. Queen Mary's is now the 6th most improved trust when it comes to tackling MRSA. Patients are seen more quickly than ever before - last year Queen Mary's had one of London's top performing A&E departments, seeing over 98% of patients in less than four hours of arrival.

Our state of the art x-ray service is fully electronic - doctors can get information about patients at the touch of a button. LThis has resulted in much speedier turnround of results and all of our diagnostic procedures are now undertaken within 13 weeks meeting our Department of Health waiting time targets. During 2007/8, following a year of getting our finances in order, we looked at how we could improve patient care. We began with a listening exercise - asking what the hospital does well and where it could improve.

Analysis of the 600 responses resulted in 19 improvement projects which have delivered dramatic improvements including:

  • Patients who need help to eat their meal now wait less than five minutes for assistance
  • Redecoration of outpatients, operating theatres, physiotherapy; x-ray; Accident and Emergency; Children's Accident and Emergency; upgrade of two wards
  • Raised awareness of patients and staff of hand hygiene
  • Improved the way we work - for example preventing interruptions to nurses during the drug round which improves safety, reduces time spent dispensing drugs and frees up time to spend with patients
  • Improved cleanliness throughout the hospital
  • Improved information for patients when coming for an outpatient appointment and when coming into hospital as an inpatient and we've developed a set of standards for customer care
  • Reduced waits in clinics
  • Reduced the length of stay for patients undergoing bowel surgery from 14 days to 7

The hospital is very much a part of the local community - we've worked hard to ensure we treat all patients and staff equally. This includes translating our most popular leaflets into the four most commonly used local languages (Czech, Chinese, Turkish and Punjabi) as well as providing them in English. We've also worked with our patients' forum to see things the way patients see them - this includes having independent inspections of hygiene and cleanliness. Queen Mary's also has one of the largest contigents of volunteers of any hospital in the country - providing shops, a radio station, helping patients to eat their meals and raising money to provide extra services.

* this profile text was provided by South London Healthcare NHS Trust

Category: NHS Hospitals
Hospital Address: Frognal Avenue, Sidcup, England
Postal Code :DA14 6LT
Phone Number :020 8302 2678

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