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North Tyneside General Hospital

Situated on the A191 approximately eight miles east of Newcastle, North Tyneside General Hospital is the largest of Northumbria Healthcare's three general hospitals.

Built between 1984 and 1996, the hospital has 608 beds and deals with 27,000 in-patients, 13,000 day case patients, 30,000 outpatients and 56,000 attendances at the Emergency Care Centre (A&E) per year.

The hospital was one of the first in the country to open a Rapid Assessment and Treatment Unit and an Emergency Care Unit. Linking emergency care and assessment services has provided a first class facility which puts patients at the centre of the service.

Over the past two years, Northumbria Healthcare has brought down waiting times for diagnostic tests, including MRI and CT scans. Ninety-eight percent of patients receive the results of their tests within two weeks.

The midwifery-led maternity unit provides one-to-one care in a homely and comfortable unit. This is one of the largest midwifery-led units in the country and staffed by experienced midwives who promote normal childbirth but who are trained to recognise when a woman may need to be transferred to a medically-led unit for clinical support.

In 2008, a programme of refurbishment commenced with two wards having a £2.2m facelift to improve the environment providing two extra en-suite toilets on each ward. An additional £1.4m is being spent to provide extra toilet and washing facilities on all wards at North Tyneside as part of Northumbria Healthcare's commitment to providing same-sex accommodation at all it's hospitals.

The Trust has reduced the number of hospital associated infections by almost twice our target and was given an 'Excellent' score by the National Patient Safety Agency. This score was awarded following inspections which look at the patient experience including: food, environment and privacy and dignity.

North Tyneside Hospital provides the bariatric (obesity) service for patients in Northumberland and North Tyneside. This growing service includes a team of professionals including: dietitians, specialist nurses, psychologists and surgeons who help obese patients to loose weight, come off blood pressure and diabetic medication and lead a normal life.

The hospital has a large main restaurant and two coffee shops run by volunteers offering a range of sandwiches, refreshments as well as a range of toiletries, books, cards and newspapers.

In relation to Northumbria NHS Trust's hip replacement revision rate Dr Foster has been informed by the Trust that the information held on SUS may not be factually correct. The Trust has told Dr Foster that 51 operations were classed as "hip revisions" when in fact only 39 should have been so recorded. Dr Foster has not been able to verify these assertions but is happy to record this statement at the request of the Trust

* this profile text was provided by Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Category: NHS Hospitals
Hospital Address: Rake Lane, North Shields, England
Postal Code :NE29 8NH
Phone Number :0191 259 6660

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