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Hereford County Hospital

Wye Valley NHS Trust is the first provider of acute, community services and adult social care in England.

The key principles of Wye Valley NHS Trust are to provide high quality and safe care to promote better health, well being and independence, and inspire people within our community. We are working across traditional boundaries to provide integrated care in order to deliver a standard of care we would want for ourselves, our families and friends.

* this profile text was provided by Wye Valley NHS Trust

Category: NHS Hospitals
Hospital Address: Union Walk, Hereford, England
Postal Code :HR1 2ER
Phone Number :01432 355 444

Nuffield Health Hereford Hospital

Nuffield Hospitals was established in 1957 and has since been providing high quality healthcare services to local communities.  As a not for profit organisation and a registered charity, they reinvest their entire surplus back into improved health services such as improved facilities and services, modern technology and equipment. Nuffield Hospitals provides healthcare services for many varying needs from simple blood tests to heart surgery, and aim to provide treatments and services to meet a variety of needs.  Their hospitals offer a range of services, including: Consultation services for a wide variety of specialties by an experienced Consultant who has practice privileges with Nuffield Hospitals. Diagnostic services, including ultrasound, digital spot imaging, computerised tomography, blood tests and magnetic resonance imaging. Surgical procedures from hip replacements, hernia repairs, cataract removal to cosmetic surgery. Specialist services and outpatient clinics to deliver a growing number of services including the treatment of heart disease, cancers, allergies, diabetes, sports injury or assisted conception. Health screening to help determine the well being of an individual, minimise the risk of future illness and allow early detection of diseases.

Category: Private Hospital
Hospital Address: Venns Lane, Hereford, England
Postal Code :HR1 1DF
Phone Number :01432 355131

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