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Colchester General Hospital

Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust provides healthcare services to around 370,000 people from Colchester and the surrounding area of north east Essex. In addition we provide radiotherapy and oncology services to a wider population of about 670,000 across north and mid-Essex.

Our two main sites are Colchester General Hospital and Essex County Hospital. The Trust also provides a range of consultant outpatient services and maternity services from community hospitals in Halstead (managed by NHS Mid Essex), and in Harwich and Clacton ( managed by NHS North East Essex). In total, we employ around 3,600 people.

Our stated aims this year are to achieve measurably: o excellent clinical performance o excellent patient satisfaction o excellent employee satisfaction o excellent financial performance o excellent health partners' satisfaction.

Our biggest challenge is to continue to invest in services and improve quality and the patient experience against a backdrop of tightening public sector spending. In this context, our priority remains frontline clinical services, especially patient safety and improving the patient experience there is no question of the Trust compromising on quality or standards.

We are also committed to our programme of capital investments. In 2010/11 we will open a new purpose-built children's department and new adult inpatient and surgical admission facilities. More details about the Trust's priorities are set out in our Annual Plan 2010/11, which is available on the Trust website.

We are committed to working with our patients and clinical staff to do our best and to make service quality the best we can achieve.

Meanwhile, if you live in Essex or Suffolk, it's easy to show you care about the hospital services we provide by becoming a member of the hospital. Membership is free and members have a say in the future of NHS hospitals locally.

Visit our website or call Freephone 0800 051 51 43Category: NHS Hospitals
Hospital Address: Turner Road, Colchester, England
Postal Code :CO4 5JL
Phone Number :01206 747 474

Ramsay Oaks Private Hospital

Oaks Hospital is one of Essex's leading private hospitals with an excellent reputation for delivering high quality healthcare treatments and services. Located in Colchester, the hospital opened on this site in 1994 and currently has 49 bedrooms including three twin-bedded rooms all with en suite facilities. By investing in advanced medical technology, the hospital offers a wide range of treatments and services. The three fully equipped ultra clean air theatres are particularly suitable for orthopaedic procedures offered such as Arthroscopy, Hip and Knee replacements. The day unit is suitable for minor operations and endoscopy.

Treatments at the hospital include cataract Surgery, colonoscopy, cystoscopy, EVLT, gastroscopy and TURP.

Some services are available at this unit for NHS patients which can be accessed via your GP, using the Choose and Book system.

Category: Private Hospital
Hospital Address: Oaks Place, 120 Mile End Rd, Colchester, England
Postal Code :CO4 5XR
Phone Number :01206 752121

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