List of Top 10 General Hospitals in China

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Here we have provided top 10 general hospitals in China. These are the best hospitals of China

  • Beijing Xiehe hospital

    As a general has advanced medical equipment and the academic level is high.

  • The first affiliated hospital, Sun Yat-Sen Universe

    Located in the national key university, the hospital is the biggest, strongest affiliated hospital.

  • Shanghai Huashan Hospital

    The Huashan hospital carries forward the Chinese traditional medicine culture as well as creativity.

  • 301 Hospital, Chinese Liberation Amy Hospital

    It undertakes the entire armed force's difficult sickness at the same time the hospital also admits patients from all parts.

  • Shanghai Ruijin Hospital

    The Hospital owns a large number of medical experts who enjoy relatively high celebrity both at home and abroad.

  • Beijing Tiantan Hospital

    Asian biggest neuro-surgery department, scientific research and teaching base.

  • Xi'an Xijing Hospital

    The hospital is already developed into a large-scale modernized general hospital with specialized technology.

  • Shanghai Renji Hospital

    A hospital with certain scale and suits patient of different cultural level or economical level .

  • Guangdong People's Hospital

    The hospital is a professional hospital,especially in the tumor complex therapy, the breath disease treatment.

  • Wuhan Tongji Hospital

    The hospital receives high praise many times from the Party and the national leaders as well as the overseas.

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