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We have provided general details about Guangdong Geriatrics Institute and Guangdong General Hospital which are the best hospitals in Guangdong.

All About Guangdong General Hospital & Guangdong Geriatrics Institute

Guangdong Geriatrics Institute and Eastern Ward Area of Guangdong General Hospital are the two organizations,but with a common team of physicians. Since its establishment in 1979, Guangdong Geriatrics Institute has developed by focusing their medical activities on the prevention and cure of frequently and commonly encountered diseases of the elderly, and the research on mechanism of senility, which is the earliest research institute of gerontology of the kind in China directly under Guangdong provincial administration and a scientific research unit directly under Guangdong Health Department, which entrusted Guangdong General Hospital to take a charge. Eastern Ward Area of Guangdong General Hospital was established in 1963, which is in charge of medical health care services for senior civil servants in the Guangdong Government as well as for people at high end of the society, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots, overseas Chinese and foreign friends. Guangdong General Hospital combined Eastern Ward Area with Hequn Outpatient Department and Research Institute of Gerontology in 1993, and it now has a uniform name of Guangdong Geriatrics Institute. With efforts made in many years, Guangdong Geriatrics Institute has developed into a national large center of gerontology integrating clinical treatment, health care and scientific research.
The institute is staffed with 173 persons in total (among them 11 are the medical doctor’s degree holders, 26 with senior professional titles), and it includes TCM Division and Rehabilitation Medicine Division, which are in first grade, with strong medical technology. Located at the east of Guangdong General Hospital head office, the In-patient Department is equipped with advanced facilities, providing superior environment and clean and quiet ward. There are inpatient areas for ICU, Pneumology Division, Vasculocardiology Division, Endocrinology, Urology, Neurology, Integrated TCM& Western Medicine Division and Rehabilitation Division. The outpatient department is divided into two sections: Eastern Ward Area Outpatient Department and Hequn Outpatient Department, in which Eastern Ward Area Outpatient Department is located at a podium building of the in-patient department of the Institute. Besides various internal medicines and TCM Clinic, other special clinics such as osteoporosis,psycho-cardiology,and sleep apnea syndrome, as well as urinary surgery, orthopaedics, otolaryngology, and dermatology are also served. Hequn Outpatient Department with its picturesque environment is located at the west of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, providing medical consultation for neurology, digestion medicine, general internal medicine, osteoporosis, Chinese Medicine, pediatrics, rehabilitation, gynecology, dermatology, ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology, and routine examination with radiology, ultrasonography and ECG as well as serological examination and cytological examination.
With accumulation of research results in many years, the research direction of the Institute has concentrated on the following subjects:
1. Research on Alzheimer Disease. The Institute began the research on Alzheimer Disease more than 20 years ago, and formed a research team headed by Prof. Xu Shuwen. The current research focuses on the relationship between brain-derived neurotrophic factor gene C270T polymorphism and AD for SAD patients among Han People in China, the correlation between PLAY Gene P141L polymorphism and LOAD patients among Han People in China, the variation of serum BDNF for SAD patients and its clinic significance, etc. These research projects may play an important role to identify AD patients at an early stage.
2. Prevention of osteoporosis and fracture. At present, the research team headed by Prof. Wu Wen has developed the relevant research on the integrated, cellular and molecular levels, covering expression of various cytokines, gene polymorphism detection, research on mechanism of action of reciprocal transformation and differentiation between osteoblast and lipoblast on bone reconstruction, detection and analysis of gene expression of Wnt signal pathway in BMsc osteoblast differentiation by using animal model of osteoporosis. Measures taken for stratified prevention in terms of epidemiology have been raised in which screening system for senile people in high risk group suffering osteoporosis from the level of gene and cytokine through detection of vitamin D, estrogen, thyrocalcitonin, type I collagen 1 chain and 2 chain acceptor gene polymorphism along with assessment indices for anti-osteoporotic therapeutic effect for senile people in Guangzhou region has been set up.
3. Sleep-disordered breathing. The main research team for respiratory disease headed by Prof. Gao Xinglin and the research team focusing on cardiovascular system and other specialties mainly carry out the examination on sleep of bedside critically ill patients and research on impact of sleep-disordered breathing on patients who suffer from critical illness; identify the existence of sleep-disordered breathing at an early stage and intervene in time; investigate the mechanism of vascular endothelial injury caused by OSAS, discovering that immune cell plays an important role in the process; participate in a correlational international multicenter research (SAVE research) for observation on impact of therapeutic intervention on cardiovascular complications.
In addition, the Institute also develops the relevant research on prostatomegaly, early screening for elderly patients with colon cancer and its gene diagnosis, senile hypertension and heart valve disorder, prevention and treatment of multiple organ failure of the elderly, etc. In the past five years, the Institute has undertaken and participated in over 30 scientific research projects supported by Natural Science Foundation of China, National Science and Technology Support Project during the period of “11th Five Year Program”, Guangdong Natural Science Foundation, Guangdong Science and Technology Project, National TCM Scientific Research Foundation, Guangdong Medical Science Foundation as well as Science Foundation of by Guangdong TCM Bureau and Clinical Trial & Research Center. More than 40 papers were published both at home and abroad. The central laboratory of the Institute is located at a southern side of Weilun Building on the 10th floor, which is a secondary division of the Medical Research Center, Guangdong Academy of Medical Sciences. At present, the Institute has PCR Laboratory, quasi-secondary Biosafety Laboratory and Cell Culture Room, etc, which are approved by the Ministry of Health. The laboratories are equipped with superclean bench, biological safety cabinet, upright and inverted digital fluorescence microscope, multi-functional PCR instrument, low temperature high speed centrifuge, CO2 incubator, freezing incubator shakers with temperature controlled, refrigerator with normal, low and ultra-low temperature, fluorospectrophotometer, ELISA Reader and so on.
At present, the Institute has 12 master’s tutors, 1 doctor’s tutor; the master’s tutors are registered under the names of Guangdong Institute of Cardiovascular Disease, Southern Medical University and Shantou University Medical College. The research directions of these master’s graduate students enrolled cover prevention of coronary heart disease risk factors, respiratory system disease and immunity, stem cell transplantation and rehabilitation, diagnosis and treatment of diabetic nephropathy and hypertension complicated with arteriosclerotic nephropathy. The Ministry of Health officially approved the examination and appraisal of applying for the construction of a base for training general practitioners in 2007. Currently, 30 physicians in the Institute have been qualified with certificates of tutor for training general practitioners. In 2008, the Institute began to cooperate with the General Practice Training Center of Guangzhou Medical College to develop the training for general practitioners, responsible for clinical training of general internal medicine. Two stages of training for general practitioners totaling 47 have been completed.
Guangdong Physical Examination Center for Cadres set up in 2006 upon approval of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, is located on the 1st and 2nd floors of Building No. 3 in the Institute, seated with VIP area, internal medicine, surgical department, division of gynecology, ophthalmology, E.N.T. division. A general practitioner team for physical examination with abundant clinic experience, good medical moral and strong capability in general practice is available in the Center. The Center has been also equipped with a complete set of medical devices for electrocardiogram, abdominal and cardiac doppler ultrasound, X-ray examination, as well as rheoencephalogram, ECG for exercise test, mammary gland IR scanning, arteriosclerosis determination, eye-ground photography, electronic colposcopy, etc. At the same time, various top grade devices such as endoscope, ambulatory blood pressure monitor and dynamic electrocardiograph, polysomnography, spiral CT, MR and the newest PET/CT can be used for individualized examinations.
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